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c-suite Breakfast: Prof Venkatraman, The Digital Matrix

The future of every industry is digital and that future is closer than you think. Is your business ready to win in the digital future – or are you destined to be disrupted?

In this era of digital everything, what our business colleagues need most is a framework for understanding what it all means for them and for engaging them in the serious transformative thinking and strategic action they need to be taking. If your board-level colleagues attend Venkatraman’s high-impact breakfast briefing on 28 September they will know what it’s going to take and be better prepared to lead.

Professor Venkatraman, one of the founders of the Boston University CIO Pocket MBA programme, is one of the world’s most cited technology authors and his recent book, The Digital Matrix, offers a brilliant strategic analysis and step by step guide on how to transform a legacy company into a digital enterprise. This material offers you an essential survival guide for today’s evolving digital economy.

Venkat Venkatraman has created an essential new model for digital business strategy in the age of cognitive systems and artificial intelligence – at once simple, pragmatic and quietly groundbreaking. Although written for incumbents in traditional industries, The Digital Matrix will, I believe, prove invaluable for all leaders, whether of established institutions or born-on-the-cloud startups. It is nothing less than a roadmap for the next era of business transformation.

GINNI ROMETTY  Chairman, President and CEO, IBM

Of course, getting your colleagues to take it on board in the midst of all the digital noise may prove a challenge. We believe you are going to have to lead your senior colleagues through their own thinking, and our breakfast will give them the roadmap they need.

On 28 September, in central London, we are hosting a c-suite breakfast where Professor Venkat Venkatraman (Boston University, MIT and LBS) will lead your board-level colleagues through their digital awakening. Whether you are still only innovating at the edge of your business, or are already experience the politics and drama of collision at the core, send them along to work with Venkat as he explains the simple, challenging thinking and action that every major business leader in every industry will need to execute.

Space is limited and time is short so contact for further details and immediate registration.