CIO Development

The Digital Transformation Benchmarks

So where are you on the journey? The Digital Transformation Benchmarks will help you to locate your position and navigate your route through the template of the Digital Matrix.

The rewards are great; the price of failure is equally great. Your first need is to figure out where you stand.

With the critical help and support of Professor Venkatraman, PA Consulting and Savannah Group we have created a detailed self-assessment survey that will enable you to position where your business is, from your professional role perspective. This will be different and differently informed depending on your role and degree of engagement with the coming changes. No-one individual will have the whole picture. An HR director will have a different view from a finance director but both are valid and important to your business response. A CIO or CTO may have a more detailed understanding of the technologies involved but this is not only about technology; it is about the need for new business strategy in response to a transforming marketplace that is powered by all manner of technology influences. You need all of it.

Comparing your differing functional perspectives will allow you to find gaps and omissions in your shared understanding of where you are to inform how you need to proceed, specifically to respond to emerging opportunities and threats and to participate in or orchestrate the ecosystems that will best support you.

Take the survey now at:

Once armed with your self-assessments and our published benchmarks you will have a much better sense of whether you are approaching the challenge of transformation effectively. Your use of these resources and activities will then be greatly enhanced by access to independently certified, digital transformation mentors able to peer review your understanding and response to bring an external perspective to your situation and progress.

We are committed to building this cadre of certified, independent digital transformation mentors and we are looking for candidates now. This is the second of the initiatives we launched with Professor Venkatraman on 28 September.