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Career Boost Coaching

Every career has peaks and plateaux. Corporate technology progresses in cycles fuelled by technical breakthroughs and new ways of working that emerge first in the most agile and tech dependent environments. In contrast, most corporate careers are playing catch-up through successive cycles of business change and transformation.

As a result corporate technology leaders (CIOs/CDOs and their top teams) tend to move roles far more frequently than their peers on the Exco. This is good news for a technology headhunter, of course. They are constantly meeting technology leaders who are strategic visionaries who can influence boards, deliver digital business enablement to connect to customers in new ways and even create new business revenue streams. Why then is it so hard for most CIOs to drive change or even to be heard in the change debate?

Our Career Boost Coaching service will help you to to uncover and articulate your hard-won experience and competency in the context of the many and various business currents you have been navigating in your long career and the business value you have created. This is the magical fairy dust that will differentiate you and enable you to compete for your dream roles.

If you fear you are being under-appreciated or left behind in your current role, our radical career coaching can give you the boost you need. If you are facing redundancy our outplacement coaching, based on the same foundation and delivered by the same expert team, will help you to ensure that your new role will give you the opportunities you seek.

Our Career-Boost Coaching and Outplacement Coaching services have been developed and delivered to many successful CIO/CDO/CTOs by Cathy Holley, former IT and digital practice lead at Savannah Executive Search and Brinley Platts, former CEO of the IMPACT CIO Panel and founder of CIO Development.

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