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Over the past decade, the shape of the CIO role has changed enormously, with the focus shifting to business value rather than delivery of pure technology. CIOs need to become business leaders who can hold their own at the Executive Committee, using their knowledge of new technologies and ways of working to influence business strategies that increase shareholder value.

They may still be leading the largest teams in an organisation so leadership competency remains critical. They might be handling the largest budgets, so understanding what will deliver the best company value for investment is critical. New technologies are also a powerful lever for cultural change across the entire organisation, so how does an effective CIO deliver this opportunity?

Good technology skills will always be important for a CIO, but of equal importance are commercial acuity, strategic thinking, stakeholder management, leadership and the ability to deliver and embed lasting change. Most new products and services have their roots in technology, so if the CIO is not engaged, focused and innovative, whatever is delivered risks inbuilt obsolescence. Without strong stakeholder management and influencing skills, true innovation will never move beyond the business case stage.

Sadly, these commercial/interpersonal skills are not always apparent in CIOs, who traditionally have been high IQ problem solvers, but tend to be lower in emotional intelligence. Our career boost coaching programme is designed to help you explore your comparative strengths and weaknesses, to consider how others view you and to step up significantly to improve the skills that will help to assure your continued career success.

It will also deliver to you a blow their socks off CV and transformed interview performance.

Brinley Platts has been a CIO coach for 20 years working with top CIOs in a wide variety of sectors. Before her coaching career, Cathy Holley was a CIO headhunter for 20 years, placing CIOs in everything from start-ups to Fortune 500 global giants. Between us, our knowledge of what makes a good CIO is unparalleled in the coaching world and we now work together to provide a structured six month programme supporting corporate technology leaders in achieving their ideal next role.

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