CIO Development

CIO Mentoring Scheme

The CIO Mentoring Scheme is a UK first, bringing together in-post FTSE and equivalent CIOs with next generation corporate technology leaders. Over 60 CIOs have already taken part in the Scheme and we are regularly welcoming new mentors and mentees into the programme.

“The role of the CIO is changing and we need to develop the next generation of CIO business leaders to meet the ever-changing needs and demands of our businesses.”

This is an initiative to bring together today’s leading CIOs with tomorrow’s technology leaders to accelerate their professional development, provide insight and new challenge whilst creating valuable, new, win-win relationships.

The Scheme pairs a senior CIO with an up-and-coming IT executive from another organisation (and sector/industry) for a period of 6-months during which intense and accelerating development objectives are worked on.

There are many benefits for everyone who is touched by the Scheme. Some of these are:

Benefits for mentors:

I am passionate about helping build our CIOs of the future, and the CIO Mentoring Scheme is a fabulous opportunity to do just that. Bringing together experienced CIOs with the next generation of CIOs from a wide and diverse range of industries and backgrounds makes the learning potential so much richer.

Benefits for mentees:

Benefits for the IT function:

Benefits for the organisation:

Without some great mentors, I wouldn’t be realising my potential right now. I’d like to carry on that tradition and play my part in bringing on the best talent the UK has.


The CIO Mentoring Scheme is operated and quality managed by CIO Development Ltd and sponsored by Savannah Executive Search.

We welcome new CIO mentors and high potentials. Contact us for a confidential conversation about how you and your organisation can benefit through membership of the CIO Mentoring Scheme.

See the short video below where Jamie Smith VP Engineering shares his experience of CIO Mentoring