CIO Development

Brinley Platts

Leading IT executive career coach, researcher and author, a Fellow of the Boston University Institute for Global Work, and creator of the CIO role-types model. Brinley and his teams have worked closely with over 1,000 corporate IT leaders at important stages of their careers and through the Digital Academy have championed the central importance of corporate technology in effective digital business transformation.

Active in CIO career development since 2001, working closely with FTSE CIOs and their executive teams. Has delivered more than 1500 hrs of IT executive coaching and led teams working with 300 IT executives in an international continuing professional development programme.

Research into CIO effectiveness led to the CIO role-types model (Professional, Paratroopers, etc) published by Leading Edge Forum. Has authored two other published research papers, on expanding the CIO mandate (CIO Plus) and the impact of consumer technology on organisational resourcefulness.

Founded CIO Development in 2005, partnering with Boston University to offer the CIO Pocket MBA in Europe and continuing professional development programme. We have over 400 alumni, forming a powerful bridge to next generation thinking and leadership.

Specialties: the changing roles of the CIO and corporate IT in the era of business transformation, breakthrough career coaching and the impact of digital business.