CIO Development

What is the Digital Matrix?

Published by Lifetree in 2017, The Digital Matrix is a powerful exposition of the forces that are driving digital transformation across the world and challenging every business to re-think its position and re-invent itself for the digital era.

The future of every industry is digital and that future is closer than we think. The digital matrix is a brilliantly simple tabulation of the how the forces driving the change are manifesting in today’s confusion to give us a totally transformed business world in a few short years.

In 2007 there was only 1 technology company in the Fortune 500 top 10. Today the top 5 are digital technology businesses and by next year this is likely to be 9 of the top 10. The unprecedented growth and influence of these digital giants is changing the business landscape for all of us. By 2025 every business of scale in any industry will have to be digital root and branch.

The message to today’s business leaders is stark: recreate your business strategy for the digital era or die. The matrix gives you a template for reliably mapping where your business is on its transformation journey and whether you are behind or ahead of your peers. Equally important it reflects how effectively your business is adjusting to the reality of new competition from the digital giants and the thousands of digital start-ups, the disruptors, who are flagrantly disregarding the rules of your game and the limits of your creativity in the relentless pursuit of your lunch.

Download the Venkat Digital Matrix Booklet.