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Core Team Digital NED Network in 2023

At the core of the Network we have a team of unparalelled experience and vision.

This includes professors from Boston and Harvard, leading CIO Career coaches from business and industry, CIO mentors who have already achieved NED roles, and a whole generation of corporate technical talent. See detailed bios below

Professor Venkat Venkatraman

Professor Venkat Venkatraman is well known to UK CIOs for his work on digital trasformaton extending over three decades, focused on how companies win in the post-industrial, digital age—where products, processes and services are shaped and supported by information and communication technology.

His book, The Digital Matrix: New Rules for Business Transformation through Technology was published by Lifetree and we are currently anticipating the second edition.

“It is nothing less than a roadmap for the next era of business transformation.”

Ginni Rometty, ex-Chairman & CEO of IBM

Venkat’s academic research has been published in Management Science, Strategic Management Journal, Information Systems Review, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, and others. He has consulted and lectured for many corporations in the USA, Europe and South Africa including IBM, Microsoft, BP, Ericsson, ABN-AMRO, Zurich Financial, McKinsey & Co., Federal Express-Europe, Canal +, France and others. He has served on the Technical Advisory Committee of Canal + France focused on disruption and innovation in the digital media sector.

Professor Paul M. Healy

Professor Paul Healy is a leadingv world authority on the composition and work of Corporate Boards and is the James R. Williston Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School.

Professor Healy joined Harvard Business School in 1997, and has served as Chair of the Doctoral Programs, Chair of the Accounting, Management Unit, and Senior Associate Dean for Research and then for Faculty Development. He has taught courses on corporate boards, governance, risk management, leadership, and financial reporting and analysis at the MBA and executive levels.

Professor Healy’s research focuses on corporate boards, risk management, governance, Wall Street research, mergers and acquisitions, and financial analysis.

He has been published in leading journals in accounting, management, and finance. He is also the coauthor of a leading financial analysis and valuation textbook. His research awards include the AICPA/AAA Notable Contribution Award for outstanding contributions to research (in 1990 and 1998) and the AICPA/AAA&’s Wildman Medal for contributions to the practice (in 1997).

Other member of the Digital NED Network Core Team include
Brinley Platts, Chairman CIO Development Ltd
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