CIO Development

User Profiles

Profile 1 – Europe
Gary was the European CIO for a £5bn manufacturing company and felt after five years that he had done as much as he could in the role. But after many months of looking he wasn’t making the headhunter short-lists. Our agreed objectives were to prepare him for a move, to assist him in finding an attractive new role that would stretch his abilities, and to achieve an orderly transition into his current CIO role by one of his IT lieutenants.

With our guidance and support he achieved all three of these objectives in less than 12 months. He was able to move to a more exciting and challenging European CIO role in a leading media business, leaving his recommended successor in his previous CIO role.

Profile 2 – Global
Peter was already a very successful global CIO with a great track-record, in a £15bn company when he found himself being blamed by the new CEO for the poor results he was inheriting. The uncertain future of the business meant the stakes were very high and despite the unfairness he was isolated and alone in the executive team. He felt paralysed: cycling through a loop of frustration, anger, and depression about his situation.

We coached Peter to restore his balance and spirit and helped him to fight off the most career damaging aspects of the situation, including the threat of legal problems that were resulting from his responses to what was happening. With our support he was able to negotiate a five-star exit package, think through his career strategy and secure a new global CIO role. He is now happy and thriving in the new role.

Profile 3 – UK
Dave is the IT Director of a £250m market-leading group of education supply companies. He is the total IT professional, having risen up through the ranks in a 17-year career in this organisation. He felt frustrated and undervalued when we began to work with him. His boss, the FD, had already told him that he had got as far as he would ever get in the company.

We recommended leadership development for Dave and coached him to release his emotion and passion, which had become blocked in the arid, poker-playing atmosphere at the top of the company. He was able to reconnect with his values of loyalty, honesty and hard work, and his total belief in the company was restored.

With our guidance Dave has opened up new avenues of professional development alongside his day job by taking up the Chairmanship of his County Athletics Board, and becoming a non-executive director of his company’s major subsidiary. His specialist knowledge and wide experience of major investment projects are highly valued in these roles and he is once again enjoying his life and career to the full.

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