CIO Development


What top CIOs say about the role-types, career track analysis, character diagnosis and other CIO Development services:

“…I didn’t know what it was when my boss at the time put myself and some of his team forward. I was kind of thinking it was training. It proved not to be. It helped me build relationships. One of the things that happened middle of last year is that I was appointed to the Board of General Motors UK. Now, I’m not suggesting that was wholly down to coaching, but it is about people trusting what you can do, and your capability, and thinking a bit more open minded and thinking of the bigger picture…”

David Borland, Global IT Director, Sales, Marketing and Aftersales, General Motors

“…a truly ground-breaking piece of research that gives real insight into the role dynamics of the CIO. I think you have taken the understanding to a new level…”

Malcolm Lambell, CIO, HBOS

“…my coach was more challenging than I had expected – he quickly focused attention on approaches and barriers to my thinking: this was key to my developing a deep understanding of myself. The coaching was always non-threatening, very open and inspired total trust…”

Kevin Holian, CIO, NBC Universal

“…I always felt safe, and hence more amenable to challenge because I felt he had my best interests in mind and he was always very careful to prepare the ground in advance. The bottom line is that I now enjoy my work more, I am a better team member and a more effective leader, all in all I am a more powerful individual…”

Richard M. Davies, CIO, DeutschePost DHL

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