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Mastering Negotiation for the CIO

We are negotiating all the time. Whether it is to increase our budget, to get greater value from our suppliers or to resolve an issue with another internal department, it is all negotiation. This one-day workshop will teach you the latest and most effective methods for achieving the best deal in any situation so that participants can negotiate more successfully with any stakeholder. The workshop tutor Simon Horton has come from a background of 12 years in IT to become a modern negotiations expert. He has trained hostage negotiators, global manufacturing companies and solicitors at the most prestigious law firms in the world. He teaches at Imperial College, University of London, and has worked at the highest level with tier one banks, pharmaceutical and oil companies.

The Challenge

The modern IT function must be a highly effective negotiator as its influence, importance and reach within the organisation and business increases. The most effective CIOs and IT professionals we work with truly understand how to negotiate. The world of business is changing. We need to understand the psychology, body language, neuro-economics, game theory and systems thinking behind 21st Century negotiations.

Armed with new understanding, as a CIO or Senior IT executive, you will achieve results much more effectively, not just externally but also internally with the business. It is about achieving more win-win outcomes without either party taking advantage of the other. Utilising this mindset you will help create more value for everyone. We believe this is a hugely valuable skill for many of the IT executives we know.

Our Solution

In this one-day workshop we can give you a remarkable insight into how masters of negotiation achieve results. In the toughest of negotiation situations, when all the odds are seemingly stacked against you it is still possible to get to a mutually beneficial outcome. There are few tougher situations than negotiating with terrorists who are holding hostages. How can a hostage negotiator enter into this situation and achieve the ultimate success – to save human lives.

We can demystify negotiation by taking you through techniques and tactics that are proven to get results in the modern business environment.

Benefits and Outcomes

You will come away with:

Every attendee will also receive a copy of Simon’s book, Negotiation Mastery, published in 2012. More about Simon Horton…