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Girls in IT

The CIO Development Women Leaders in Technology network is proud to support this powerful initiative to raise awareness of IT careers among 11-14 year old schoolgirls.

‘Girls in IT’ is a not-for-profit, voluntary initiative to increase awareness of information technology as a career option. It is aligned to the needs of local businesses, with the aim to train and engage women role models to speak in schools and act as champions for IT careers for girls. The initiative is already supported by partners including Goldman Sachs, Unilever and Cisco, and has already reached nearly 4,000 girls.

The plan going forward is to expand the employer partner base, attract more women as role models, reach a greater number of girls and influence their opportunities in technology.

Our aim in 2015 is to find 1,000 female IT role models to engage with 5,000 schools across the UK to influence 11-14 year old girls, using resources (presentations, videos and documents) that we provide. This is the age group where the critical decisions about subjects studied in relation to future careers are taken – most schools choose to present this to Year 9 students.

If you have attended a briefing event and need to download any Girls in IT materials you can follow the link here. Please note documents contained are in PDF and PowerPoint format and password protected in a zipped folder. Download time may take a few minutes as the files are quite large (approx. 55MB). If you are keen to find out more, enrol yourself or your organisation or need any help with passwords – please contact us.

Girls in IT materials are as follows:

1. Welcome Letter

2. Sample Introduction Letter

3. Did You Know Presentation N.B. this is a PowerPoint presentation and contains videos and speaker notes that may only be visible/run from a PC. A PDF version is also included for reference but without the embedded videos.

4. Presentation Evaluation

5. Parent Handout


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