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Blog Pick up the pieces with family counselling

With the NHS vaccination programme progressing at full steam we can again begin to anticipate the re-opening of schools and the first tentative steps to the re-opening of the economy. But many families will be left facing mental health difficulties.

These range from feelings of anxiety, depression, loss, anger, sadness, panic attacks, low moods and self-esteem, to increased tensions in relationships and trouble coping day to day. Newspapers are reporting unprecedented increases in substance abuse, domestic violence and self harm.

Business professionals in highly paid, high pressure roles, and their families are particularly susceptible to slow burn mental health problems but can be reluctant to do anything about them. If you or a family member, colleague or team member are experiencing personal distress in these difficult times you can get professional help quickly and discretely from a CIO Development Relate-trained counsellor. Simply contact for a private consultation.