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Blog CIODEVELOPMENT and Boyden UK create 100 days initiative

To further our ambition to become the natural first choice for CIOs wishing to raise IT leadership standards, I’m delighted to announce a new marketing initiative with leading search and selection firm Boyden UK. We are combining our capabilities to offer you a seamless IT leadership team assessment, development and recruitment service.

This may not be a big surprise to those who know us well, and we hope it will be seen as an obvious and welcome development. The advantage for clients will be marked: we can guarantee you a top quality and independent review of your team’s competency to lead in today’s difficult climate, and pinpoint where you can safely invest in people and where you would do better to replace them. We can also develop the leadership capabilities of your high potentials and find the new people you need, or help you to find them.

For more details look in “Is Your Team Recession-Proof?” in the Services menu.

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