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Talented Women in IT

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you once again for such an insightful course. It was truly inspirational, a fantastic way to network, with so many strong women. I was able to confirm things I thought I knew about myself, and I discovered so much more… wonderful!” Natasha Ah-Fat, Senior IT Project Manager, John Lewis plc

The Challenge

As in many other walks of life, we do not have enough senior women in IT. Our women leaders reach a certain level and often get stuck there. Or our most talented leave us to choose different ways of working or running their lives. There are very few talented senior women in IT willing and able to be role models.

Those who stick with it have to succeed in a male-dominated world leaving them unclear of their own authentic leadership style. Many are unclear about how they really want to balance their lives and careers and find it difficult to articulate, plan and achieve whilst honouring their true values and beliefs. Too many women leaders have to compromise their sense of who they are and live with guilt in order to succeed.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We have many success stories to illustrate that there is a way through this.

Our Solution

In this brilliant and interactive workshop, led by a woman who has worked through it herself, we use the framework of brand development to enable talented women to frame their individual plans for achieving what they really want:

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