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There have been many workshops where I have come away and applied the learning to things I've been working on. Rob Harding, CIO, CapitalOne (Europe)

Talented Women in IT

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you once again for such an insightful course. It was truly inspirational, a fantastic way to network, with so many strong women. I was able to confirm things I thought I knew about myself, and I discovered so much more… wonderful!” Natasha Ah-Fat, Senior IT Project Manager, John Lewis plc

The Challenge

As in many other walks of life, we do not have enough senior women in IT. Our women leaders reach a certain level and often get stuck there. Or our most talented leave us to choose different ways of working or running their lives. There are very few talented senior women in IT willing and able to be role models.

Those who stick with it have to succeed in a male-dominated world leaving them unclear of their own authentic leadership style. Many are unclear about how they really want to balance their lives and careers and find it difficult to articulate, plan and achieve whilst honouring their true values and beliefs. Too many women leaders have to compromise their sense of who they are and live with guilt in order to succeed.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We have many success stories to illustrate that there is a way through this.

Our Solution

In this brilliant and interactive workshop, led by a woman who has worked through it herself, we use the framework of brand development to enable talented women to frame their individual plans for achieving what they really want:

  • We identify who you are being when you are at your ultimate best, and how you can bring that best every time you need it. We identify your limiting beliefs and how they limit you. We acknowledge the power of role models and what kind of role model you are.
  • We work on the essence of your personal brand, using your powerful self, your values, personality and beliefs. We look at how authentic you are to that essence to ensure the impact you intend to give is the impact people experience of you.
  • We look at the gap between what you really want and your current reality, and help you close that gap. We look at the opportunities and possibilities open for you to get what you want through learning to articulate what you want without guilt or compromise.
  • We look at the environment in which you thrive and the people who can support and help you get what you want. We practice conversations for action.
  • You will take away a proven framework which continues to build your authentic brand. You will have a toolkit of insights and gateways to lead you to what you really want and how to get it. And you will have a strong network of support from like-minded women IT leaders.

Benefits to Your Organisation

  • Talented Women in IT will be much clearer about what they really want and have a plan to get it.
  • They will be invigorated and motivated to bring their authentic, ultimate best to the organisation, without compromising or feeling guilty.
  • You will have ambassadors for talented women who can encourage a culture where talent thrives.
  • You will have conscious role models for other talented women, who will have tools which can shift the behaviours of people towards powerful, authentic leadership.

Apply Now

Contact for information on how you can join this workshop on a date that suits your schedule – we always keep a waiting list for those interested. Open programme dates are flexible.

Digital Strategy

Winning through Digital Strategies

Every industry is becoming digital, and every company must adapt for its digital future. Now evaluate your digital strategy with Professor Venkat Venkatraman, widely recognized as “one of the most highly cited researchers in management” and author of The Digital Matrix: New Rules for Business Transformation Through Technology (free to every participant). In just 2 days you’ll get both Venkat’s strategic guidance and the best-practice strategic insights from leading industry digital pioneers including New York Times Digital founding CEO Martin Nisenholtz, now Professor of Digital Communications at Boston University.

Rethink Your Business Model

Together our guest speakers will arm you with a playbook to navigate the world of digital ecosystems, rethink your business model, and make bold strategic choices throughout the phases of digital transformation. Earn an executive certificate as you go from ideas to action in an intensive interactive bootcamp to:

  • Understand the digital giants, accelerating incumbents, and ambitious tech entrepreneurs in your digital business ecosystems
  • Recognize the dynamic cycle of digital transformation across three phases: experimentation, collision, and reinvention
  • Re-focus from delivering products and services to solving problems and delivering solutions with digital technologies at the center
  • Chart your organization’s transformation by recognizing the interplay between smart humans and powerful machines
  • Master the adaptation roadmap by preserving the core and creating the new

Leverage the Power of Digital Technologies

Even as innovation-driven startups leverage the power of digital technologies, most legacy businesses continue to operate from an old playbook of misfires, mis-readings, and missed opportunities to survive and thrive in today’s business environment. McKinsey research shows that although digital disruption is shaving 30% off incumbents’ revenue growth, 90% of them are engaged in digitization but only 16% have a digital strategy. Thus joining BU Questrom’s program will propel you forward. You’ll recognize potential digital threats, learn from digital pioneers, understand how to master transformation by reinventing your business, and get face-to-face coaching from one of the world’s foremost experts on digital strategy.

Coming in February 2019

Technology & Change with Boston University

A World-Class Education with Real-World Application

Boston University Master Class for Tech Executives

Technology executives no longer support change—they drive it. Organisations worldwide depend on their technology leaders to create value, drive results, and harness the power of disruptive innovation. Join the Technology & Change programme and lead your organisation forward into a new era of value through transformation.

The Technology & Change programme will help you to seize opportunities in the rapidly evolving digital business landscape. You will use pioneering research from BU scholars to identify, weigh, and communicate the strategic competitive advantages shaping your agenda. You will study the best practices of top global companies, their successes and challenges in creating value through disruptive innovation. And you will focus on your responsibilities as a technology leader: understanding platform shift, positioning your IT organisation, measuring results, and leading truly transformative change.

Where it Happens

The program takes place at Boston University’s Questrom Executive Leadership Center, which was built to accommodate professionals with a design promoting comfort, teamwork, and technological innovation. There, you’ll learn from dedicated, world-renowned faculty, recognised for translating research into practice. You will work collaboratively, on complex business problems, real-world scenarios, and an in-class project with an exceptional cohort of global technology executives.

Program Faculty

Lloyd Baird, Organizational Behavior
Chris Dellarocas, Information Systems
Jeffrey Furman, Strategy & Innovation
Melvyn Menezes, Marketing
Eddie Riedl, Accounting
Marshall Van Alstyne, Information Systems

Who Should Attend?

This program is for executives expecting to face digital disruption – CTOs, CIOs, senior technology general managers, COOs and CFOs. Over the course of 4 days, you will:

  • Leverage Pioneering Research: access research from world-renowned BU scholars to identify, weigh, and communicate the strategic competitive advantages shaping your digital agenda.
  • Study Disruptive Innovation: learn digital best practices from top global companies – their successes and challenges.
  • Focus on your Responsibilities as a Technology Leader: strengthen your understanding of platform shift, positioning the IT organisation, measuring results, and leading truly transformative change.
  • Participate in Hands-on Activities: work on complex business problems, real-world scenarios, and an in-class project alongside an exceptional cohort of global leaders.

The programme is designed for CTOs, new and up-and-coming CIOs and senior technology general managers. Participants will hone and build on their portfolio of management and technology skills while assessing and communicating the business impact that information technology can bring to their organisation. Typical participant titles include but are not limited to: vice president, chief information officer, chief technology officer, chief operating officer, chief financial officer, senior director of information systems development, and director of information resources. If appropriate, direct reports may attend along with executives.

Past programmes have attracted participants from Canada, Egypt, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, Nigeria, Russia, Spain, Sweden, UAE, UK, and the US.

CIO Development and Boston University

London based CIO Development has a long standing partnership with Boston University and has been offering Boston professional development programmes to European technology executives for ten years.


Register for the Technology & Change programme.


Regular Tuition: $4,800 (Registration Deadline: June 5th)
Early Bird Tuition: $4,400 (Registration Deadline: May 15th)

NOTE: The Technology & Change program builds on material covered in the Mini MBA for Tech Executives. The Mini MBA is not a prerequisite for the program. However, participants without prior management education may want to review the two courses’ descriptions and consider taking them sequentially.

Applications are being accepted now, CIO Development can handle all the details and application process with the Boston University part of the programme for you, or you can apply direct.

Contact for full details and application.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Participants wishing to cancel or change their enrollment must email no later than 5pm (EST) at least ten (10) business days prior to program start to receive full refund. If notification of cancellation is received fewer than 10 business days prior to the program start date, BU Questrom will retain a $500 administrative fee. The remaining balance paid (less the administrative fee) can be applied toward one of the upcoming ‘Programs for Individuals’ that starts within one year of the original program start date. Boston University reserves the right to cancel any open enrollment program no later than ten (10) days prior to the start date of the program. Boston University is not liable for any costs incurred by participants, including travel or accommodation cancellation fees.

28 September 2017

Using the Matrix for Digital Transformation

Half-day masterclass on using the Digital Matrix to assess, position and guide an organisation’s total root and branch digital transformation. Given by the creator of the Digital Matrix, Professor Venkat Venkatraman of Boston University Questrom School of Business.

This is a closed workshop. To apply for your invitation contact:

28 September 2017

c-suite Breakfast: Prof Venkatraman, The Digital Matrix

The future of every industry is digital and that future is closer than you think. Is your business ready to win in the digital future – or are you destined to be disrupted?

In this era of digital everything, what our business colleagues need most is a framework for understanding what it all means for them and for engaging them in the serious transformative thinking and strategic action they need to be taking. If your board-level colleagues attend Venkatraman’s high-impact breakfast briefing on 28 September they will know what it’s going to take and be better prepared to lead.

Professor Venkatraman, one of the founders of the Boston University CIO Pocket MBA programme, is one of the world’s most cited technology authors and his recent book, The Digital Matrix, offers a brilliant strategic analysis and step by step guide on how to transform a legacy company into a digital enterprise. This material offers you an essential survival guide for today’s evolving digital economy.

Venkat Venkatraman has created an essential new model for digital business strategy in the age of cognitive systems and artificial intelligence – at once simple, pragmatic and quietly groundbreaking. Although written for incumbents in traditional industries, The Digital Matrix will, I believe, prove invaluable for all leaders, whether of established institutions or born-on-the-cloud startups. It is nothing less than a roadmap for the next era of business transformation.

GINNI ROMETTY  Chairman, President and CEO, IBM

Of course, getting your colleagues to take it on board in the midst of all the digital noise may prove a challenge. We believe you are going to have to lead your senior colleagues through their own thinking, and our breakfast will give them the roadmap they need.

On 28 September, in central London, we are hosting a c-suite breakfast where Professor Venkat Venkatraman (Boston University, MIT and LBS) will lead your board-level colleagues through their digital awakening. Whether you are still only innovating at the edge of your business, or are already experience the politics and drama of collision at the core, send them along to work with Venkat as he explains the simple, challenging thinking and action that every major business leader in every industry will need to execute.

Space is limited and time is short so contact for further details and immediate registration.

03 October 2017

CIO Mentoring Community Meet

Closed meeting for members of the CIO Mentoring Scheme

Timing: 13.00-16.30

Location: North Highland Consulting

120 Holborn, London, EC1N 2TD

P: +44.207.812.6460


05 June 2018

The Mini MBA for Tech Executives at Boston University

Leading tech executives are unanimous: IT competence isn’t enough. In today’s competitive environment, the leaders who succeed are those with essential business skills. Finance, strategy, marketing: these and other disciplines are fundamental for anyone wanting to rise out of technology roles and into executive leadership.

That’s why Boston University has created the Mini MBA for Tech Executives after almost 10 years of the successful CIO Pocket MBA programme. Over four days Boston University senior faculty introduce you to the key principles and techniques of executive management. You’ll enhance and sharpen your knowledge in critical MBA areas: accounting, finance, strategy, marketing, operations, and organisational behavior.

The Mini MBA for Tech Executives takes place on campus at Boston University’s Executive Leadership Center, home of the Questrom School of Business. The faculty are more than experienced experts: they are passionate teachers committed to making a difference through executive learning. Your classmates – rising tech executives from organisations worldwide – will become a powerful network of peers lasting long after the course ends. If you are serious about corporate leadership, you need to join the Mini MBA for Tech Executives to take the next step in accelerating your career.

Program Agenda

The following key executive principles are covered via lectures, discussions and interactive sessions.

Day 1    

  • Competition & Positioning: discover how to formulate and implement your firm’s strategy in a global environment.
  • Valuation & Financing: learn the process for valuing stock and bond securities as well overall company valuations using IPO and M&A techniques.

Day 2

  • Accounting: understand financial statements and basic accounting.
  • Market-Centric Strategies: learn analytic frameworks to develop the creation and delivery of marketing strategies.

Day 3

  • Leading Change: learn the role of a change agent and the related tasks, skills, and styles required to be effective in influencing others and managing conflict.
  • Operations: understand process flows and analyses to optimize firm performance.

Day 4 (half-day)

  • Digital Strategy: explore how digital technologies have transformed the ways businesses engage with customers.

Why Attend?

Engineers and technology experts looking to advance their careers will find this programme extremely valuable.  The curriculum is tightly-focused on business concepts relevant to rising mid-career tech executives.  In addition, you will become part of a powerful peer network of leading tech executives lasting well beyond this programme.

Meet the Faculty

The Executive Leadership Center faculty are award-winning and widely-published experts. They are corporate and academic leaders who have a passion for teaching and a commitment to developing influential corporate technology leaders.

The mini MBA program is led by Chris Dellarocas, Richard C. Shipley Professor of Management at Boston University, who has assembled a team of experts to provide you with the best experience and education. Learn more about the faculty teaching this program by reading their individual bios.

CIO Development and Boston University Questrom School of Business

London based CIO Development has a long standing partnership with Boston University and has been offering Bosotn programmes to European technology executives for ten years including the CIO Pocket MBA, the Master Class for Tech Executives: Technology & Change and now the new Mini MBA for Tech Executives.

Contact for more details and a discussion about applying for the programme, or simply apply directly to BU.

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06–09 November 2018

Mini MBA for Tech Executives

Boston University Questrom School of Business
Mini MBA for Tech Executives
As a rising leader with a technology or engineering background, you will enhance and sharpen your management knowledge in critical MBA areas: finance, accounting, strategy, marketing, operations, and organizational behavior.
November 6-9, 2018
April 1-4, 2019
June 3-6, 2019

15–16 November 2018

Platform Strategies

Unleash the Power of Platform Strategies

Platforms are the revolution. By operating as open ecosystems, companies like Facebook, Microsoft, American Express, and McCormick spices match suppliers of products, services, or content to consumers, and gain enormous value and market share. Now you can too. Attend BU’s 2-day, highly interactive Platform Strategies executive certificate program to walk step by step through adopting a platform strategy. Learn from renowned experts Marshall Van Alstyne, Geoffrey Parker, and Andrei Hagiu, whose insights on Platform Revolution and “Finding the Platform in Your Product” will help you:

  • Identify approaches to building multi-sided platforms and select the one that’s right for your firm
  • Analyze platform adoption at firms like Intuit QuickBooks and MakerBot
  • Figure out how to jump-start your platform and make vital decisions on openness, governance and pricing
  • Convert your businesses into platforms, and turbo-charge your competitive advantage and growth

01–04 April 2019

Mini MBA for Tech Executives

Boston University Questrom School of Business
Mini MBA for Tech Executives
As a rising leader with a technology or engineering background, you will enhance and sharpen your management knowledge in critical MBA areas: finance, accounting, strategy, marketing, operations, and organizational behavior.
April 1-4, 2019
June 3-6, 2019

08–11 April 2019

Technology & Change

 Details on request from:

Boston University
Questrom School of Business
Rafik B. Hariri Building
595 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215

11–12 April 2019

Dev Ops Leadership

Details on request from:

Boston University
Questrom School of Business
Rafik B. Hariri Building
595 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215

21–22 May 2019

Reframing Leadership in the Digital Age

Details on request from:

Boston University
Questrom School of Business
Rafik B. Hariri Building
595 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215

21–22 May 2019



The Digital Age is transforming work and personal lives, and promises a more prosperous and fulfilling life. But that promise is only as good as the capability of leaders. Develop the capabilities required to dynamically lead, innovate, co-create and build relationships in the fast-moving digital age. This course will help you develops five essential capabilities needed for success.

03–06 June 2019

Mini MBA for Tech Executives

Boston University Questrom School of Business
Mini MBA for Tech Executives
As a rising leader with a technology or engineering background, you will enhance and sharpen your management knowledge in critical MBA areas: finance, accounting, strategy, marketing, operations, and organizational behavior.
June 3-6, 2019

We've gained stronger leadership from those who attended. They want more of a business conversation with their colleagues; more of a CIO conversation. Ian Bromwich, Global Group CTO, RSA Insurance Group