CIO Development

Digital Transformation Mentoring

We are not starting from scratch. Within CIO Development and with the close support of Savannah Executive Search we have already built a mentoring community of around 200 senior executives from close to 100 FTSE businesses, most of them from corporate technology functions. A growing subset of this community is already actively employed in various aspects of digital transformation work. These will form the kernel of our new digital mentoring capability.

We have also run digital “conversion” academy programmes for over 60 corporate IT leaders to help them to maintain and assure their skills in leading corporate technology as this expands and changes to accommodate emerging digital business strategies. Many of these, and other technology leaders, now have responsibilities for growing digital teams in traditional business. With relatively little extra development these proven leaders can be tutored in Digital Matrix concepts and the use of the template to diagnose blind spots and blockages in their transformation journeys.

Every business needs to make this transformation in business strategy for the digital era. Skills are short and the need is great. With the guidance and support of the Digital Matrix you can ensure that your organisation’s response is comprehensive and effective. With the skills of a digital transformation mentor you can educate and bring others along with you on this journey.

At the start of the business computing revolution we used to say “if you’re not part of the solution you are part of the problem.” Don’t remain a part of the problem. We have made becoming a certified digital transformation mentor straightforward for corporate professionals. Get in touch today to find out how you can enhance your own skills by engaging with this important national initiative.