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IT Executive Career Boost

Do you feel a little stuck, or that you are not yet realising your full executive potential? To achieve your best results, you need to learn how to use your individual strengths to maximize your business contribution. In published research we have demonstrated that personal strengths and potential can be understood through our IT Executive Role-Types model.

This detailed diagnostic will reveal the career path you are on currently, and how suited you are to this path. Once you know more precisely where you are it becomes far easier for you to identify and generate new career opportunities, and to make role decisions that will make best use of your experience and unique strengths. This will improve your personal contribution to your colleagues and stakeholders enabling you to:

The full diagnostic is delivered in four easy stages.

First, you plot your personal career track profile using our free online tool. You are immediately able to download your IT executive career track profile and will receive our comprehensive white paper on IT executive career management.

After this you will be offered a free 30-minute coaching consultation where you will be prompted to think about the decisions and strategies that have created your career experience to date. This is your first step towards developing your ability to make even more powerful decisions and adopt alternative strategies when you need to.

Only then do you decide whether or not to take the final and most powerful stages of the full diagnostic process. These are two or three half-day face-to-face IT executive career-coaching sessions, with a qualified executive coach, where you will explore much more deeply what has been driving your career so far and what you are committed to achieve; leaving you far better able to deliver the future you have envisioned.

Several hundred CIOs and other leading IT executives from the FTSE 100 and other large organizations have already benefited from this powerful career diagnostic. Most have found it reveals their motivation and life strategies, and many have declared that it offered them profound insight and new ways of thinking about their lives and careers.

You owe it to yourself, your colleagues and your stakeholders to find out how much extra personal leverage and development edge you can generate with this process. Call Brinley on 07973 745 640 or contact for a confidential discussion about how you can access the service with its performance guarantees.