CIO Development

Digital Transformation

By now most technology professionals will have little doubt that the emergence of pervasive digital technologies over the last 10 years has proven a business game-changer.

Although the impact was felt first in the asset-light analogue industries (books, movies, news and financial services) the second generation of digital transformation is now being felt in asset-heavy settings where physical and digital both matter (transportation, farming, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, logistics energy etc.).

By 2025 there will be no difference between digital and non-digital when it comes to functions, processes, business models, and industries. The question is will your company be relevant and influential in the global economy and societies of 2025? What will your organisation’s transformation look like? What will be the impact on your and your future?

With your business colleagues still in ignorant denial about the scale and pace of change required, how might you cajole and mobilise them into a better state of readiness?  How relevant are your own technology vision, knowledge and leadership to the challenges you are all facing? Where do you even begin?

A good place to start is with The Digital Matrix.