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Blog End of one era and the start of another

Those of you who have known me for some time will know about my long association with leading CIO head hunters Cathy Holley and Vicky Maxwell Davies. I helped them to birth their independent business around 2002, a favour which they repaid many times over as our respective businesses grew up together. Regarding our shared CIO market, “they would recruit them and we would develop them” in a business friendship that has lasted almost 20 years.

I’m pleased to say that despite their recent retirement from head hunting they will continue to work with CIO Development as independent professionals. Cathy is first off the blocks with her announcement on LinkedIn, below. If you are interested in working with her as a career coach, or mentor do please let me know and we can get you together. Here is Cathy’s personal mission statement…

Cathy Holley

For 25 years I have worked with global boards in all sectors to help them understand what a good CIO/CDO/CTO looks like. In my role as a leading technology headhunter, I have been proud to place some of the top technology leaders in the world. Today, as a coach, I help these leaders (and future leaders) to consider how they can become more effective in their roles or to prepare them to navigate the hiring process obstacle course, to secure the right next role for them. I remain well connected with the movers and shakers in technology headhunting.

Whether you are focused on enhanced performance in your current role, or you are preparing to change roles, it is vital that you understand how best to manage stakeholders, influence boards, demonstrate commercial acuity, inspirational leadership and strategic vision.  If you are exploring new opportunities, you will need to sell your skills and experience in this highly competitive market. Does your CV differentiate you from other world-class technology leaders? Will your interview skills position you as an outstanding leader? How would you fare if benchmarked against the market?

I am delighted to be working with some of the most influential advisers in this space, such as CIO Development, Marlborough Consulting and The Corporate IT Forum, who are firms that share my passion for supporting technology leaders who want to differentiate themselves from the crowd and maximise the value of technology to their business, customers and teams.