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As the Covid-19 lockdown eases and the return to work intensifies, many families are left facing relationship difficulties. These range from feelings of anxiety, depression, loss, anger, sadness, panic attacks, low moods and self-esteem, to increased tensions in relationships and trouble coping day to day. Newspapers are reporting unprecedented increases in substance abuse, domestic violence and self harm.

Sadly, professionals in highly paid, high pressure roles are as susceptible to relationship problems as anyone. If you or a family member, colleague or team member are experiencing personal distress in these difficult times you can get professional help quickly and discretely from a CIO Development Relate-trained counsellor. Simply contact for a private consultation.

Message from our lead counsellor:

Everyone can have periods when they need help to work through personal difficulties and problems. I frequently saw this in my role of HR officer in a big 4 accounting firm in London and it is what first drew me to retrain.
Since then I have worked for Relate for eight years and completed over 2,500 hours of counselling with individuals and couples, teenagers and young people. Common issues include lack of communication, break-ups, affairs, and domestic violence both physical and mental.

Relevant training, qualifications & experience

These matters are intensely private. But if anyone in your team, family or friends is facing  increased mental health pressure from personal stress and anxiety you owe it to them not to ignore it. We urge you to encourage them to reach out for help.

Simply contact for an expert confidential conversation leading to any help that may be required.