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Is it too soon to announce the arrival of integrated corporate technology leadership? We don’t think so.

We’ve already had several years of debating the merits and distinctive qualities of digital strategies, CDOs (digital), CDOs (data), the reinvention of the CTO and the rise of digital architects. Regardless of where they began corporate life (reporting to the CIO or CMO) we are quickly moving towards a world where some form integrated corporate technology is essential and integrated technology demands a new breed of integrated corporate technology leaders.

We are recommending that we move beyond obsolescent concepts like IT professionalism and IT Executive Leadership to embrace and integrate the newer concepts of agile and lean and new methods like DevOps to keep up with the disruptive strategies of our born on the web and faster competitors.

How can we develop this new breed of corporate technology leadership? We’ll be announcing our way shortly and we’d love to hear about yours.

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Easter Post – Response from Corporate Tech Leaders

Wow, we asked for feedback and comment on our corporate tech leaders blog post and that’s what we got, from some very eminent corporate tech leaders themselves. The comments chain below and my efforts to respond tell the story:

 These are excactly the kinds of sentiments we’ve been picking up. After Easter we’ll be announcing our new Digital Leaders Academy programme, which has grown out of three previous Academies designed to get corporate tech leaders up the digital learning curve. We’re there now and we’re in it together.