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Blog Lessons for Leaders from Global Digital Rollouts

When the leaders of the largest and most diversified health care company in the world fully took on board that social media had replaced advertising at the core of their marketing strategy, they accepted that their disconnected digital assets around the world would be unable to secure future success.

They saw that they had to act decisively and boldly. They had to change from their piecemeal, local, disposable approach to digital to becoming more strategic; where best practices and capabilities could be defined, built, leveraged, reused and maintained globally; where solutions could be designed to engage consumers across multiple brands and changed over time to build on previous investments.

This is easy to assert but profoundly difficult to deliver. Sooner or later all global companies will have to face up to similar challenges. At our CIO breakfast from 08.00 to 10.00 in central London on 26 April we’ll be examining and engaging with the unfolding stories of those responsible for the global and regional implementation of digital strategy in three of the biggest and most successful of them:

The breakfast is open to qualifing CIOs, CDOs and CMOs. To secure your invitation please contact

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