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For us at CIO Development Ltd executive mentoring and executive coaching are different services. Mentoring is analogous to one to one tutoring. The mentor is a master of the subject and the mentee or client is an aspirant, a learner. Mentoring is a powerful way of passing insight, knowledge and experience from master to learner: one generation to the next.

Coaching is more analogous to psychological or leadership development. It is whole person development. A skilled coach can help the client turn problems into challenges which the client can then overcome by drawing on resources he/she did not know she had. The focus is on personal growth and achievement which the client can then take into any domain.

In CIO Development Ltd we offer two types of coaching and one type of mentoring:

Executive coaching: this is the most traditional form of coaching in large organisations. Newly appointed or aspiring executives work with fully qualified developmental coaches to ensure they are able to bring the best of themselves into their roles. This way we can deal with any weakness, fear or lack of awareness that can damage performance.

• Career coaching: we have expert coaches who only work with IT executives, supported by proprietary career diagnostics and thousands of hours of experience. We also leverage our network of search consultants to ensure we take account of the most current of industry trends. Where necessary, we can help IT executives to re-invent themselves to re-launch a stalling career.

CIO mentoring: uniquely, we offer our clients access to world class mentors in the form of FTSE 100 and equivalent large company CIOs whilst they are still active and current in their roles. We give the mentors orientation through guidelines, match them carefully to suitable mentees and quality assure the mentoring that takes place.

Executive Coaching – CIO Development

Through these services, CIO Development Ltd is a market leader in mentoring and coaching having worked with hundreds of CIOs and other technology executives in the last 10 years.

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