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We are very excited and proud to be offering this new executive programme, the first of its kind in the UK market. We started from the premise that corporate IT needs to be deeply involved in an organisation’s successful transition to its digital future. We know that this will require ambitious repositioning and re-skilling of IT teams and leadership. The Academy is our response to this need, designed to move you swiftly up the digital leader learning curve.

So we designed six workshop focused modules consisting of pre-reading and preparation, expert workshops, facilitated networking, planning and early-stage execution. We have a sparkling array of experts and practitioners leading the individual modules, which will solve this critical business and career problem for you and your people: “An IT executive that doesn’t understand the digital world and provides barriers rather than solutions at pace, with agility whilst maintaining quality, is likely to be portrayed as outmoded, defensive and a blocker by the revenue driven side of the business.”

This is not a problem you should live with for very long. The Academy will help you to change it from a problem to an opportunity. We say this is the most exciting new programme we have offered since the launch of the CIO Pocket MBA in 2007.

The pilot programme has made a big impact already and there are two fantastic articles already featuring and drawing interest on The links to these are:

Get in touch on behalf of yourself or your colleagues if you have any thoughts or questions about this critical development area for IT executives.

You can download the full flyer at https://www.ciodevelopment.comwp-content/uploads/2014/04/Digital-Academy-Programme-Brochure-2014.pdf.