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Article CIOs: Technology not keeping pace with business

Think people not processes

By Jo Best, Published in 14 March 2007

Enterprises are undergoing seismic shifts in their business – but a significant proportion of CIOs feel technology just can’t keep pace. A report from consultants Capgemini has found around four in 10 CIOs believe technology is not giving business the agility it needs, and 29 per cent said they don’t believe IT is keeping pace with business change.

But when CIOs are pondering how to boost the IT department’s agility, surprisingly few believe that throwing money at the problem is the answer. Just 42 per cent said budget-trimming is a barrier to a more agile IT department. According to the survey, the majority of CIOs believe common practice for managing IT is not conducive to IT agility.

The CIOs questioned cited people as the most important factor in keeping the IT department agile – which was rated as almost twice as important as processes and systems.

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